1L Bottle With Time



Water bottle with time marker: The water bottle with time marker, the convenient time marker reminds you to drink your recommended water intake throughout the day. With this water bottle, you can follow the simple markers alongside the bottle that help you track where your hydration levels should be throughout the day.

1. Leakproof: The lid is made from stainless steel,sealing well and it is leakproof.

2. Easy to use: Screw top lid with small mouth opening makes it easy to open and drink, so you can avoid messy spills.

3. Stay hydrated: Times reminds and help you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Portable and compact: This portable water bottle is compact and lightweight, just 125g. Simply grab it, carry it or throw it in your bag. It will not take up too much space.

5. Large capacity: 1000ML water bottle,a right size for you,you do not have to refill the bottle frequently.

6. Widely used: Perfect for fitness, outdoor activities, yoga, sports, gym, hiking, music festivals, work, school, kitchen, travel, office, camping and more.

7. Good quality material: Made from good quality PP and stainless steel material,which is nontoxic,odourless and durable.

8. Sleek and beautiful design: You can take it everywhere. The beautiful design makes it as charming as decoration.






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